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Published 27/10/2017

First-time buyers: Own your home with the renewal of the zero-rate loan

Aiming to facilitate access to property, first-time buyers will continue to benefit from this system until December 2021. Previously proposed throughout the country, it will now be refocused:

– For the purchase of a new home, it will target only the strained areas, namely zones A, Abis and B1 and will be totally deleted in zone C. In zone B2, it will continue to be granted but for a larger amount weak and only until the end of 2018.

– In the old with works, it will be granted in areas B2 and C, where the demand is less tense.

Investors: Prepare your retirement and the future of your children with the maintenance of the Pinel scheme

Like the PTZ, this rental investment device is also extended for 4 additional years.
It will offer the same tax benefits as before (12% tax reduction over 6 years, 18% over 9 years or 21% over 12 years) but will be reserved for so-called « tense » municipalities, that is to say highly urbanized agglomerations in which the lack of housing is most important, in zones A, A bis and B1.

For an investment of 300 000 €, the tax reduction allows a savings of 63000 € over 12 years, 6000 € per year for 9 years and 3000 € per year the last 3 years.

Owners of building land: enjoy up to 100% exemption on capital gains

This tax boost should encourage the release of land and support the construction of new housing. Until December 31, 2020, sellers will benefit from high tax rebates depending on the nature of housing built:

– 100% if the sale is made to build social housing
– 85% for the construction of intermediate housing
– 70% for free dwellings.




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