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The guarantees in French VEFA

Published 23/11/2018

In addition to the guarantee of apparent defects, which is explained in the delivery section, there are three guarantees:

The guarantee of perfect completion.

The guarantee of good functioning.

The ten-year guarantee.

The starting point of the warranty period is the receipt. The latter, which operates between the companies and the developer, is the act by which the developer declares to accept the building with or without reservation.

The guarantee of perfect completion (GPA) It concerns the disorders noticed during the reception of the good and the disorders appeared in the year following the reception. It is due by the contractors for a year. As such, to make your job easier, we have drawn up a list of the companies concerned (attached).

The guarantee of good functioning (or biennial) It lasts two years. It concerns the elements of separable equipment of the body of the structure, that is to say, the elements that can be disassembled or replaced without damaging the construction (shutters, valves …).

The ten-year guarantee As its name indicates, it lasts ten years and concerns mainly the structure of the building. It relates to:

Damage that affects the solidity of the building and equipment that can not be separated from foundation, structural, viability, enclosed or covered structures without damaging the construction (eg feeding the sink that are sealed in the wall).

Damage likely to render the building unsuitable for its purpose. For example, infiltrating cracks that allow water or air to enter, leakage, etc.

The guarantee of good functioning and the decennial guarantee concern only the hidden defects, that is to say the defects of construction which do not appear at the time of the reception or whose consequences are revealed only at the end of a time. These warranties do not apply to damage that results solely from normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance or misuse of your home.




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