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Why choosing a NF HABITAT standards housing ?

Published 19/08/2016

Whether you own, rent or sell, the quality and performance of a flat depends on various criteria.

To allow you to engage in confidence when buying or renting a flat, certification NF Habitat – Habitat NF HQE ™ guarantees a high level of quality and superior performances.

This is achieved through the commitment of the professional to answer to these criteria, and by the control operated by a third party certification office. For the consumers, it is tangible benefits in everyday life: a healthy, safe, and pleasant inside with controlled consumption.

Beyond the technical quality of construction (acoustics, materials, security …), NF Habitat ensures a quality of service and information on the construction project, on-time delivery, pre-visit housing proposition, and full information on the way to enjoy your housing in serenity.

NF certification Habitat – Habitat NF HQE building is issued to new housing programs for houses or detached housing (housing estates) and covers three main subjects: quality of committed professionals, quality of work, quality of services and information to clients.




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